Get downtown for a night of wonder and mystery, where performers turn streets into stages and blacktop into theatre.

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More than 1,000 artists and performers bring the heart of the city to life.


Experience a world where artists break past the stage and invite you into their performances. Where technology fuses with the performing arts right in your midst, just within reach.


Step into possibility—a gallery come to life, pulsing and breathing all around you. It’s art in motion, so close you become a part of it.


See artists like never before. Discover surreal feats, stunning exhibits, and breathtaking performances in the heart of the city.


Discover artists with amazing talents in performing, interactive, new media, and visual arts.

Past Partners:

  • Cirque du Soleil
  • Orlando Ballet
  • Orlando Philharmonic
  • Mad Cow Theatre
  • Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts
  • Bach Festival Society
  • Central Florida Community Arts
  • Phantasmagoria
  • Orlando Aerial Arts
  • Maitland Stage Band
  • Getaboard Foundation
  • Coby Project
  • Second Sight Dance Company
  • Muralist, Michael Owen
  • Musician, Ravé Mehta
  • Installation Artist, Deb Knispel
  • Interactive Artist, Nathan Selikoff
  • Performance Artist, Sumner Mormeneo
  • Choreographer, Ariel Clark

And Hundreds More


Look over our event schedule and expect the unexpected.

5:00 PMPhantasmagoria (FRI) Massey ServicesRollins Choir & Orlando Philharmonic (SAT) Massey ServicesMusical Journey to Greater (FRI) UCFMagic of Bronze (SAT) History Center
5:10 PMClassical Folkloric Bellydance (SAT) UCF
5:15 PMRussian Ballet Orlando (SAT) Massey Services
5:20 PMDG Dance Project (FRI) UCF
5:30 PMColla Voce (FRI) Massey ServicesDawn Branch Works (SAT) Massey ServicesRhubarb the Bear (FRI) History CenterACA School of Dance (SAT) UCF
5:35 PMUniversity High School (SAT) History Center
5:45 PMCompany of One (SAT) Massey ServicesRoSa (Of the Sun) (FRI) UCFDance Your Truth (FRI) History Center
5:50 PMStill Moving, Dance (FRI) Massey Services
6:00 PMDawn Branch Works (FRI) Massey ServicesLatin American Tunes (SAT) UCFThreshold Choir of Leesburg (SAT) History CenterShining a Light on Diversity (SAT) Massey ServicesLMHS Step Team (FRI) Red BullRock Steady Salsa (SAT) Red Bull
6:15 PMForever Dancers (FRI) History Center
6:20 PMAddiction BMX Bikes (SAT) History Center
6:30 PMRollins Choir & Orlando Philharmonic (FRI) Massey ServicesSurabhi & Sons (FRI) UCFKlassika (SAT) History CenterColla Voce (SAT) Massey ServicesMusical Journey to Greater (SAT) UCFRoberto’s Performance Dolls (FRI/SAT) Red Bull
6:40 PMSon of Nature’s Dance (FRI) History Center
6:45 PMBeing Present (FRI) Massey Services
6:50 PMBAAD Project (FRI/SAT) UCFSomeone to Watch Over Me (FRI) History Center
6:55 PMValencia College (SAT) Massey Services
7:00 PMAll the Light You Cannot See (FRI) Massey ServicesLongest Fashion Runway Show (SAT) History CenterACA School of Dance (SAT) UCFFahrenheit Foxes (SAT) Red Bull
7:10 PMRhubarb the Bear (FRI) History Center
7:15 PMFunky Wunks (SAT) Massey ServicesRoberto’s Performance Dolls (SAT) UCFRaspberry Pie (FRI) UCF
7:30 PMOrlando Ballet (FRI/SAT) Massey ServicesType Zero Foundation (FRI) History CenterDance Your Truth (SAT) UCFVoci Dance Lumineux (SAT) History CenterMood Designers/CFCArts (FRI/SAT) EARed Bull Bboys (FRI/SAT) Red Bull
7:50 PMCourt’s Elite (FRI) Massey ServicesSon of Nature’s Dance (FRI) History CenterFSYO’s Chamber Orchestra (SAT) History Center
8:00 PMFSYO’s Jazz Orchestra (SAT) Massey ServicesAscension Acro (FRI) UCFWhere’s This Going? (SAT) UCFOpera Orlando (FRI) History CenterKallahann the Coolest (FRI/SAT) Red Bull
8:10 PMCG & Dancers (FRI) Massey Services
8:15 PMCapoeira Martial Arts (FRI) History CenterRoberto’s Performance Dolls (FRI) UCF
8:30 PMLeave a Light On (FRI) Massey ServicesRaspberry Pie (SAT) UCFMood Designers/CFCArts (FRI/SAT) EAVoci Dance Lumineux (SAT) History CenterFahrenheit Foxes (FRI/SAT) Red Bull
8:40 PMEmotions Dance (SAT) Massey ServicesWhere’s This Going? (FRI) UCFSomeone to Watch Over Me (FRI) History Center
8:45 PMLMHS Step Team (FRI) Massey Services
8:50 PMAddiction BMX Bikes (SAT) History Center
9:00 PMOrlando Ballet (FRI/SAT) Massey ServicesRed Bull Bboys (FRI/SAT) Red BullOpera del Sol (FRI) History CenterLANCE Orlando (SAT) History Center
9:10 PMDG Dance Co (FRI) UCF
9:15 PMOpera del Sol (SAT) History Center
9:15 PMSurabhi & Sons (SAT) UCF
9:20 PMMG Collective (FRI) Massey ServicesCapoeira Martial Arts (FRI) History Center
9:30 PMFiesta de Culturas (SAT) Massey ServicesNik and Reema (FRI) UCFMood Designers/CFCArts (FRI/SAT) EAVoci Dance Lumineux (SAT) History CenterAscension Acro (FRI/SAT) Red Bull
9:40 PMFunky Wunks (FRI) Massey ServicesJaden Froze (SAT) UCFLANCE Orlando (FRI) History Center
9:45 PMMotiv (FRI/SAT) Red Bull
9:50 PMOpera Orlando (SAT) History Center
10:00 PMBeing Present (FRI) Massey ServicesRaymi Dance Company (SAT) Massey ServicesOrlando Gay Chorus (SAT) History CenterFahrenheit Foxes (FRI/SAT) Red Bull
10:10 PMUCF Percussion (FRI) UCF
10:15 PMEmotions Dance (FRI) Massey ServicesYow Dance (SAT) Massey ServicesBAAD Project (SAT) UCFKasson (FRI/SAT) EA
10:30 PMLeave a Light On (SAT) Massey ServicesRed Bull Bboys (FRI/SAT) Red BullJaden Froze (FRI) UCFAscension Acro (SAT) UCF
10:40 PMCourt’s Elite (FRI) Massey Services
10:45 PMRayo de Luz (Ray of Light) (SAT) Massey ServicesWe Bout to Blow (FRI/SAT) Red Bull
OngoingThe Truth Teller Experience History CenterAfroRicanArt History CenterOrlando a Beacon of Hope History CenterDizzle Phunk Red BullPop-Up Skatepark Zone 1The Seraph Zone 1Triton 2.0 Zone 1Flash-Light Improv Zone 1The Orange Blossom Chorus Zone 1Coby Project Zone 1Dear Citizen O Zone 2WTF - Wall That Feels Zone 2The War Zone 2OUC: The Power of Light Zone 3Season Delight Zone 3Orlando City Jam Zone 3Walls of Pho Hoa Pop-Up Mural Zone 3David Lawrence Photography Zone 3Art & History Museum Maitland Zone 4Lil Bravery Project Zone 4Halsi Zone 4Orlando Aerial Arts Zone 4Life Through Flowers Zone 4Guardian Revolution Presents Zone 4Stories, Rebels, and Role Models Zone 5Articulated Movement Theatre Zone 5Change Your Viewfinder Zone 6Psych Cat Zone 6Maker-tropes: The Wheels of Creation Zone 6Illuminated Mind Zone 6The Dinner Party Project Zone 6Archer First Response Systems Zone 6JulesKBee Entertainment Street ArtistsZachary Titus - Khronos Street ArtistsThe Orange Blossom Chorus Street ArtistsStrolling Piano Street ArtistsNo Delay Street Artists
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More than 1,000 artists and performers bring the heart of the city to life.


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