Be a performer

Artists are the backbone of the Creative City Project. And we exist to take you to the next level. The Creative City Project team works to collaborate with you to help you develop your creative dreams and bring them to life.


We work with performing, Interactive, New Media, and Visual artists of all kinds. We’d love to collaborate with you to bring your creative dreams to life!

Our past collaborators include

Professional Arts Organizations like:

  • Cirque du Soleil
  • Orlando Ballet
  • Orlando Philharmonic
  • SAK Comedy Lab
  • Reb Bull Bboys
  • Mad Cow Theatre
  • DRIP
  • Ibex Puppetry
  • Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts
  • Burrow Press
  • Bach Festival Society

Community Arts Organizations like:

  • Central Florida Community Arts
  • Phantasmagoria
  • Emotions Dance
  • Red Right Return
  • Orlando Aerial Arts
  • Explore Theater
  • Maitland Stage Band
  • Getaboard Foundation
  • Loft 55 Gallery
  • Coby Project
  • Second Sight Dance Company
  • Voci Dance
  • Sambatu Batucada Percussionists
  • Canvas Creative Coalition
  • Rhapsody Winds

Individual Artists like:

  • Muralist, Michael Owen
  • Muisicians, The Cook Trio
  • Musicians, The Mudflappers
  • Musician, Ravé Mehta
  • Installation Artist, Deb Knispel
  • Interactive Artist, Nathan Selikoff
  • Interactive Artist, Josh Wilson
  • Performance Artist, Masami Koshikawa
  • Performance Artist, Sumner Mormeneo
  • Immersive Artist, Cole NeSmith
  • Choreographer, Ariel Clark
  • Poet, Keith Kolakowski
  • DJ Dizzle Phunk
  • Producer, Lindsay Taylor
  • Producer, Teresa Borker

Educational Institutions like:

  • Orange County Public Schools
  • UCF
  • Full Sail
  • Rollins College
  • Valencia Community College
  • The Human Experience


We would LOVE to collaborate with you to bring your creative dreams to life!

We'll be announcing our Artist Kickoff date soon.

This gathering will include:

  • Information on Creative City Project 2018.
  • How to apply and the initial application process.
  • Discovering what makes a successful public performance as part of this outdoor, signature event.
  • Getting to know more artists from our community and beyond